Monthly Archives: May 2007

Murder mystery for teens

We have had a lot of requests for murder mysteries for teenage parties recently – any have been more than happy to oblige. Prime Suspect’s experience with teenagers that actually want to hold a murder mystery has been extremely positive.

Keen teens tend to be extremely good at putting themselves in odd situations and imagining their relationships with other players – I guess that their young minds have yet to close down and only accept what they know as actual truth. Kids (or should I say “young adults” ?) are fantastic at improvisation in so many ways – just wish I could bottle their enthusiasm and sell it on Ebay or something.

Anyway, check out our new page here, which gives some pointers if your teenage son or daughter is hankering after something other than jelly and ice cream. Believe me, if they want to do it, then they will be fantastic – from High School Musical to a Victorian Magic Act, there are so many ideas that the less stick-in-the-mud minds will accept as real.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Murder to Measure’s latest challenge is to incorporate performers on video, in this case from Australia, although thankfully not via satellite link. One potential guest at a private function is unfortunately unable to get the time off to make a personal appearance, so has asked if her evidence could be provided in the form of a video statement, and we obviously said “yes, of course.” She is currently living in Sydney, so some fine opportunities exist for locations, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and some international intrigue.
The whole technology thing will be a relative breeze too – in these days of You Tube and digital video recorders the footage can be streamed to my computer in a matter of minutes, edited right here and burnt onto a DVD. When I recall my efforts in the school darkroom, developing photos taken on 35mm film using chemicals and stuff the whole advancement is amazing.
It seems perfectly possible that a murder mystery could be conducted entirely via the Internet, but then, you’d miss the smell of the chemicals, wouldn’t you?