Monthly Archives: July 2007

And the bride wore tears…

Well, it had to happen eventually… a mystery event at a wedding reception. OK – not quite. The bride and groom tied the knot the day before, but with a couple of dozen house guests hanging around on the Sunday evening, Murder to Measure were drafted in to provide entertainment, and the happy couple played along with invented lovers, opium addicted guests and a poet with the ability to create familiar poems at will.

All huge fun of course, and with no actual deaths to contend with, the day went smoothly and the thief was unmasked.

And what a house! Huntsham Court in Devon has 22 bedrooms and extensive dining facilities – the possibilities seem endless. Expect us to return in the near future.

Nor Any Drop to Drink

It’s been a very busy week at Murder Towers, with Prime Suspect covering the length and breadth of the country with a variety of scenarios. From team-building near Warwick to a school murder in Tamworth then a 12th birthday party in Berkshire…

And destruction has followed in our wake – every area we’ve passed through has subsequently been submerged under several feet of flood water, almost as if a high power was trying to wash away any remaining evidence of the guilty.

We’re in Tiverton at the weekend – so a warning to Devonians – get your sandbags ready!

Interest in our events goes through the roof

Murder to Measure has really taken off in the last month, thanks largely to the good folks at Google, who have recognised that we offer an excellent murder mystery service to the UK, and now put our site near the top of the list for searches such as “murder mystery dinner” and “murder mystery UK”.

It has taken Prime Suspect a lot of time to get there, but it has been worth it, as the website hits have sky-rocketed in the last month or so, and we have been developing a number of new scenarios for a variety of corporate and private clients. We have even been asked to produce a mystery for a wedding, which is another ambition ticked off our list… Now who will be first to book our services outside of the UK?

Popular Murder Mystery Venues

Murder To Measure enquiries have shot through the roof recently, since the kind Mr Google decided to give our site some prominence in the UK if you search for “murder mystery”. Hits have shot through the roof, and we are gettingmany enquiries daily asking what we do and how much it will cost.
The initial answer always has to be a little vague… we can do pretty much anything, and our final price will reflect the amount of effort required to turn your dreams into reality.
We have, however, begun creating pages which direct potential customers to possible venues for their event, and suggestions for themes which suit the venues concerned. We are always keen for hotels and conference venues to provide deatils of their services and a little of the history of the place, because this ensures that the mystey fits into the overall ambience of the surroundings.
Castles, manor houses etc are great, but it’s always worth considering the more obscure venues, such as submarines, ships, museums etc, because these will result in a completely unique scenario which may well suit your guests ideally.