Monthly Archives: September 2007

Halloween party mayhem

Halloween is just over a month away and thoughts turn to parties to entertain everyone with access to a black bin liner. Murder to Measure is more than happy to create a spooky scenario for you, but also recommends the ready made scenarios from, who can deliver a scenario to your desktop in the click of a mouse. Check out our page on Halloween murder mysteries, and then get ready for our attack at Christmas and St Valentines’s day… somewhere in the next 6 months you would love to see your best friend drop dead before your very eyes.

Murderess Enters Wedded Bliss

Prime Suspect and all of the Usual Suspects extend our best wishes to Kate Giles, one of our accomplished performers, who got married last weekend. Kate is skilled at turning on the waterworks when one of her nearest and dearest falls victim to a dastardly crime, so we trust that Alister managed to survive the ceremony without incident.

We wish her an enjoyable break in Turkey, and hope she will be back under our wing to help deal out death to our new victims in October.

Blood bath in Gloucestershire

Murder to Measure had the pleasure of organizing a thirtieth birthday weekend party in Tewkesbury, Gloucs last week. We found a splendid venue for the 15 guests and laid on catering, but what set this apart from many of our events was the body count. Six suspicious deaths needed some heavy sleuthing from the party-goers, despite the alcohol consumption on the Saturday night.

One victim, Walter Wright-Pratt was bundled into the caterer’s van, never to be seen again, but he did leave a trail of coins in his wake.

Six murders is the most we have ever committed and Prime Suspect is awaiting the call from the Gloucestershire Constabulary at any minute to account for his actions. Does anyone fancy raising the ante and bumping the count up to 7?

Murder in Black and White

Prime Suspect has just returned from the technical rehearsal of City of Angels, a clever and sassy musical about the vagaries of 1940s Hollywood, the life of a mystery writer and his creation. Playing at the Octagon Theatre from 4th – 8th September, this is one show where PS is glad to be taking a gentle roll-on part (playing a dying 75 year old), as the leads have a marathon set of costume and character changes to present one of the most complex storylines to grace the West End stage.
And from what he has seen from the confines of his iron lung, Kassmatt will be presenting an excellent show that deserves an audience.
The songs are a delight, and the central story of Private Eye Stone is a black and white tour de force, set against a real world Hollywood backdrop with devious producers, jealous wives and infidelity. Just another day at the office for PS then… but with rather more underwear on display.