Monthly Archives: October 2007

Christmas Murder Mysteries

Christmas must be coming – the supermarkets have begun stocking their shelves with mince pies and boxes of chocolate, and the good folks of Britain have been mailing in their droves to ask if we could kill their boss, or Santa or Rudolph for their Christmas party. Well, in short, yes we can, but venues are filling up fast, so do get your inquiries in quickly, folks, as once Halloween is past you won’t be able to find a private dining room to enable you to stab an annoying office colleague for love nor money. Just take a look at our murder mystery calendar to get an idea of how busy we can be.
But fear not, the New Year is coming, and with murders as far afield as Limoges in France to Essex, we can still deal with your murderous intentions. We have been recruiting murderers and suspects far and wide, so please do get in touch if you feel the least bit blood-thirsty.