Monthly Archives: November 2007

Death of an Actor

Prime Suspect has been a little preoccupied of late with a production of that splendid tragi-comedy The Dresser, by Ronald Harwood. Set in wartime Britain, it depicts the backstage of a run down provincial theatre, hosting a Shakespearean troupe run by “Sir” – a traditional actor with ideas above his station and a quick fuse.
“The Dresser”, Norman, fusses over and attempts to manage Sir before, during and after a production of King Lear, and cuts both a comic and tragic figure as Sir, and the style of theatre he represents crumble before his eyes.
Murder Mystery theatre is hard and exhausting, but this play knocks it into a Dunn’s of Piccadilly hat… Chief Suspect can report that he has found no role more emotionally or physically draining, but he has loved every minute of the run. Two more performances to go, and he will be sad to hang up the tank top and greasepaint one last time.