Monthly Archives: April 2008

Crime in the Silver Room

Murder to Measure will be hosting a charity mystery night at the Guildhall in Salisbury on 3rd May 2008 in aid of the Mayor’s chosen charity. This splendid Wiltshire cathedral city has done very will recently in supporting Mayor Kevin Cardy in his appeal for Sarum Children’s Ward at Salisbury District Hospital, with sponsored parachute jumps, raffles etc. going a long way to help him reach his target for his term in office.
The Guildhall has a splendid collection of silverware, including a spoon which, if filled with sugar, would keep even a builder sweet. It’s more than likely that the evening could see some of those precious items hauled away by a villain or villains unknown, followed by a hunt for the guilty. Fortunately, there is also a law court on hand, so the guilty can be brought to book in time for carriages at midnight.
If you are interested in supporting the event, please contact Jan Cardy on 01722 339791.

Death of a Salesman

When not conducting dastardly deeds the length and breadth of the UK, Prime Suspect is currently in rehearsal for one of the great plays of the 20th century – Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman. The piece, which depicts a family that falls short of the American Dream is powerful stuff, and whilst the title may give the end away somewhat, it’s a roller-coaster ride through a pivotal couple of days of the dysfunctional Loman family.
There’s no murder mystery involved here, but the strength of the piece lies in the dashed aspirations of the titular Willy Loman, his 2 underachieving sons and the family’s true linchpin, Linda. It goes to prove that it is simply enough to want to succeed in life, and that sometimes it is better to accept and be happy with your limitations rather than to build impossible castles in the air.
Even 60 years or so since its first outing, it still packs an emotional punch, and is modern drama at its finest.

Hen Night – Murder on the Catwalk

Prime Suspect was lucky enough to be the only man in attendance at yet another hen night last night, in the presence of a bevvy of ladies celebrating forthcoming nuptials. With the theme “Black, White and Bling”, we were transported into the cut-throat world of fashion, where competing designers vied to win a coveted award.
Whilst the wine and invective flowed freely, the organiser, Serge, attempted to prevent the inevitable, but his attempts were in vain, and soon one of the guests was brutally murdered.
The party questioned and probed to find the skeletons in the closet, and eventually, after some sterling performances from the hens, the mystery was solved and the murderer brought to book.
The evening’s murder mystery may not make the Exeter headlines, but is sure to be a talking point at Viki’s wedding.