Monthly Archives: May 2008

Murder gets serious

At Murder to Measure we always present plots that can be solved if you logically follow the clues presented over the evening, day or weekend, but we know that many of our amateur sleuths are simply looking to be immersed into a story that contains intrigue, entertainment and revelations that will shock and delight in equal measure.
It’s been a very busy week, and the inquiries for our own brand of murder mystery mayhem continue to pour in; from the Hen Night requests through to those who want a mystery to ponder over, with hints and clues aplenty. This is meat and drink to Prime Suspect, who is guaranteed to deliver a night to remember, whatever your demands. Whether you want to let your hair down, or stretch those little grey cells, M2M will tailor your event to your precise requirements, and we guarantee fun for all those involved.
Challenge us to surprise you. We have just the scenario you need.

The Unicorn and the Wasp

Prime Suspect will confess to being a bit of a closet Doctor Who fan. He may have lost faith in the late 80s, but in his formative years he mourned the passing of Jon Pertwee, learnt to love Tom Baker and Peter Davidson, and is now back under David Tennant’s spell for a somewhat variable season 4 of “new” Who.
Last Saturday’s episode was an almost classic Agatha Christie murder mystery (if you ignore the fact that the murderer was giant wasp), and it re-ignited an old passion that PS would love to bring to life. The idea? Well – nothing less than a Who-dunnit… a murder mystery set at a Doctor Who convention, with all of the suspects being one of the timelord’s incarnations… with jelly babies, celery, bananas, penny whistles and clockwork mice aplenty. He knows you Whoovians will demand meticulous research, but would leap at the chance… who fancies a journey aboard the TARDIS when murder is on the agenda?

Murder: The Spice of Life

Murder To Measure has just enjoyed a very varied weekend, traveling from Torquay in Devon to Birmingham and then to Frome in Somerset. Starting with a corporate team-building mystery for Yellow Pages, it was hot-foot to a school in Aston who wanted a team-building event for their eager year 11s. Finally, we were in a private home, where the hen had no idea that she would be thrown into an evening of intrigue and accusation, and rather feared that Prime Suspect was a stripper.
All highly enjoyable, of course, and it just demonstrates the range of scenarios that we regularly serve up to the suspecting and unsuspecting public. Although murder is a serious business, a huge amount of fun was had by all, and the key lime pie was truly stunning.
Best wishes to all our recent victims, and don’t forget to call us next time you have criminal intentions.

No rest for the wicked

Murder Towers is buzzing this week, and we are exploring the full range of our repertoire. Thursday sees us deliver a team-building murder mystery for in Torquay, then it’s hot foot to Birmingham to serve up a unique mystery at a school looking to foster teamwork within its ranks. On Saturday we are off to Frome in Somerset, but Prime Suspect shouldn’t say too much, as the hen doesn’t know we’re coming… let’s hope she wasn’t expecting a stripper on her last night of freedom.
We will also be advertising nationally soon; selling our not inconsiderable wares to charities up and down the UK who are hoping to raise much needed funds for their ventures. We began performing for charities, so are always keen to deliver our particular brand of mayhem to anyone looking to make money for a good cause. Murder To Measure knows that every gig we do generates additional sales, so do contact us for a quote… you’ll be surprised by our generosity.

School Murder Mystery.

Murder to Measure offers a number of scenarios to schools throughout the UK, and is pleased to have performed a number of its scenarios to all age groups. It aims to tie in closely with the National curriculum to devise puzzles, games and activities that can entertain and stretch pupils of any ability, often combining the death of a teacher or teachers in a highly enjoyable scenario that needs just a minimal effort on the part of the teachers.
It combines the best parts of Cluedo with a mystery that can explore any avenue of interest, and can be as challenging or entertaining as you desire. We can include forensic examinations, Maths, English and Foreign Language clues to stretch the brightest pupils or engage those who find school a challenge. Please do discuss your needs, and our team will devise a scenario that will fit them to a T.

Murder in Cheshire & Wiltshire

Murder Towers has been busy this weekend, with a hen night in Knutsford, Cheshire, and a charity gig in Salisbury, Wiltshire. 6 hardy professionals have enacted 3 murders in 1 night, and great fun was had by all.
In Salisbury, the city mayor was found dead amongst the silverware, and, as a result, a great deal of money was raised for his charity. Meanwhile, some 200 miles north, a bride-to-be was found to be a deadly killer, yet emerged with a smile on her face.
It’s all in a weekend’s work for Murder To Measure, where tailor-made scenarios are our speciality. If you have murder on your mind, it’s always worth giving us a call, no matter what your motive.