Monthly Archives: September 2008

School Mysteries

Prime Suspect has just returned from the depths of Essex, discovering the person responsible for the death of a secondary school head teacher – with the help of an enthusiastic group of girls from Year 7. Fortunately, the murderer left lots of clues, plenty of fingerprints and several challenges for the pupils to unravel, resulting in an arrest before it was time to go home.
Our school murder mysteries are proving very popular with pupils and staff alike, and can last for half or a whole day, combining elements of the national curriculum where desired. The pupils are usually presented with a crime scene, and then have to undertake various activities in teams to discover as much as they can about the crime and its perpetrator.
We’ve had schools invaded by vampires, mobsters and wizards, and to places as exotic as Tamworth, Chepstow and Romsford with our very special brand of mystery, entertaining and challenging in equal measure. It’s always a delight to see the next generation of potential sleuths unravelling the clues to unmask the villains that are out there.

Christmas Murder Mystery Parties

Christmas is a time of good cheer to all man, and the chance to deliver murderous mayhem at your party or dinner. Whether you want us to provide a whole package with performers, or a story where you can play the suspects yourselves, Murder to Measure has its fingers poised to create a unique murder mystery that will delight your company, friends or guests.
We have scenarios that see Father Christmas bumped off in suspicious circumstances, and can turn that kiss under the mistletoe into a motive for murder. Whatever your needs, we can deliver a story that will intrigue and engage everyone in your party.
Give us a call, and discover the best solution for your party.

Spy murder mystery in Devon

Murder to Measure has most recently delivered its brand of murderous mayhem to the splendid Northcote Manor in north Devon, when guests were treated to a mystery involving international espionage, double agents and technical geniuses who weren’t all that they claimed to be.
A select clientèle played the role of spies in training and had to solve codes and clues to discover the double agent and person behind the death of a revered member of the secret service. These events provided the final sparkle to a weekend that included a casino night and a treasure hunt to perplex the finest brains, and Prime Suspect throughly enjoyed the multiple costume and character changes, keeping guests guessing until the final minutes of the mystery.

Espionage murder in Devon

Murder to Measure will be at Northcote Manor in Devon on Saturday, with this exquisite hotel taking on the guise of a spy training centre for the evening. Guests can expect cunning disguises, code-breaking and more than a dash of glamour as our bevy of beauties and international super-sleuths attempt to solve the dastardly crimes that may, or may not, be the work of the villainous conglomeration known as STENCH.
Spy murder mysteries are a lot of fun, but they present Prime Suspect with several problems, as the world of international espionage makes the dealing of death legitimate, and above-the-law. But when double agents and incompentent spies are thrown into the mix, the resulting mystery can take a lot of unravelling, and the Northcote guests can expect a treat that needs a lot of lateral thinking to crack.

Murder for Christmas

Yes, I know you have only just packed away your swimsuits and bikinis after a damp and dull summer, but now is really the time to start thinking about your Christmas parties, as popular murder mystery venues are filling up fast, and Murder to Measure was booked up for 20 days last December and has already had to offer alternative dates to potential clients.
It is really difficult to find good venues for the festive season once October rears its autumnal head, and whilst the venue isn’t everything, you do want to ensure the best you can for your office party or family get-together over our busiest season.
We have a lot of Christmas party options to offer you, but as ever, we are open to your suggestions, and can deliver a spectacular murder mystery dinner that fits your needs to a T – from Dickens to Christie and beyond, we can guarantee a unique and memorable event for you and you guests.

Halloween & Christmas Murder Mystery

Now summer is well and truly behind us (although to be honest, I’m not sure it ever arrived), thoughts of many of you are turning to the long autumn and winter nights. Murder Towers has consequently seen the annual flood of enquiries for parties and dinners for our various “holidays”, as those across the pond call them.
We’ve already lined up a couple of public Halloween themed mysteries (where even the corpses may come to life), and those of you choosing to bump off your boss for Christmas are also filling up the in-box. Whilst it may be a time of goodwill to all men, it seems that nothing tops off the old general spirit of merriment better than a bloody knife or a dose of cyanide. We still have a few slots left as yet, but the number of murdering days left until Christmas decreases with every body that litters the floor of this red and pleasant land.
And remember, don’t have nightmares…