Christmas Murder Mystery Parties

Christmas is a time of good cheer to all man, and the chance to deliver murderous mayhem at your party or dinner. Whether you want us to provide a whole package with performers, or a story where you can play the suspects yourselves, Murder to Measure has its fingers poised to create a unique murder mystery that will delight your company, friends or guests.
We have scenarios that see Father Christmas bumped off in suspicious circumstances, and can turn that kiss under the mistletoe into a motive for murder. Whatever your needs, we can deliver a story that will intrigue and engage everyone in your party.
Give us a call, and discover the best solution for your party.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Murder Mystery Parties

  1. Sherlock Holmes Hotel

    Hey, I recently went to a Christmas murder mystery party at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel in London. They tailored the storyline to suit fans of Sherlock Holmes. I was just wondering whether you do this with your Christmas parties? For example, could we have a murder mystery story in the style of Agatha Christie?

  2. Prime Suspect

    We do tailor our events to suit the guests and/or venue. Agatha Christie stories and characters are still under copyright, so we cannot use them, although many of our stories would satisfy those familiar with th works of “The Queen of Crime”.


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