School Mysteries

Prime Suspect has just returned from the depths of Essex, discovering the person responsible for the death of a secondary school head teacher – with the help of an enthusiastic group of girls from Year 7. Fortunately, the murderer left lots of clues, plenty of fingerprints and several challenges for the pupils to unravel, resulting in an arrest before it was time to go home.
Our school murder mysteries are proving very popular with pupils and staff alike, and can last for half or a whole day, combining elements of the national curriculum where desired. The pupils are usually presented with a crime scene, and then have to undertake various activities in teams to discover as much as they can about the crime and its perpetrator.
We’ve had schools invaded by vampires, mobsters and wizards, and to places as exotic as Tamworth, Chepstow and Romsford with our very special brand of mystery, entertaining and challenging in equal measure. It’s always a delight to see the next generation of potential sleuths unravelling the clues to unmask the villains that are out there.

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