Exciting murder mystery developments for teaching

Prime Suspect has been busy developing new plots and expanding his murder mystery events over the last few weeks, including an expansion to the services offered to schools and youth groups. Taking the National Curriculum on science into consideration, he has been enahancing some existing scenarios to include more forensic and scientific elements, combining this with problem solving, team work and puzzles to create a series of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) scenarios aimed at school pupils from ages 8 – 16.
The enhanced stories can include a mixture of forensic investigations with the existing clue solving scenarios, and include techniques such as finger printing, photofit, show casting, fibre examination, blood-typing and elementary chemical analysis. These events are ideal for those looking to demonstrate pratctcial science applications, and can be adapted for most age ranges and abilities. If you are looking for a science day that is exciting and different, Murder to Measure can deliver a day of half-day scenario that suits your schol and its pupils. Call us to discuss the options.

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