Monthly Archives: April 2010

Filling in the black squares

Prime Suspect is sitting peacefully in Murder Towers preparing for a day of filming tomorrow, as part of a documentary into the fascinating world of murder and mayhem. We’re used to producing a huge variety of murder mystery scenarios in our day-to-day work, but it’s only when you sit back and think about how it all works from an outsider’s perspective that you realise how many elements actually go into the average event.

Most stories start from the characters, each having a set of characteristics, relationships and values, and usually one or two secrets to hide. As they begin to take shape, you see potential murders looming of the horizon, and have to consider how best to commit the deed so that whilst the perpetrator thinks they’ve got away with it, there’s a fatal flaw which enables the keen-eyed to unpick the mystery. It’s all rather like completing a crossword without the black squares coloured in and only half of the clues, but then if it was easy, why would we do it?