Monthly Archives: June 2013

Slayings in Salisbury

So Murder to Measure returned to Salisbury Guild Hall tonight, revisiting a venue that we last used in 2008, when the mayor of Salisbury was bumped off.  Tonight we were entertaining the good people of Remus Management with an unusual version of “Death on the Ocean Wave”, set aboard the Caribbean Queen with the ever faithful Captain Abel Stable, actress Norma Seego and stalker number one fan, Otto Graf.

New website now live

It’s taken a while, but the new Murder to Measure website is now live. We’re looking forward to adding lots of new content and functionality to it over the next few months, but for now you can browse pretty much everywhere and find lots of information about our services, future events and plots that we’ve used in the past.

We’ve completed lots of tests of the functionality, but as with any new site, it’s impossible to find every bug and niggle, so if you see anything that doesn’t seem to work, do let us know.