Allo Allo Murder Mystery

At Murder Towers we love the challenge of being asked to write stories to a specific theme. Sometimes these themes require a lot of research followed by extensive head-scratching trying to fit everything we’ve learned into a coherent yet amusing plot. One group asked for a story involving “Superheroes trapped in a bad 80s Disco”, and we’ve yet to be asked to do anything quite so unusual, but we’d happily rise to the challenge.

Sometimes, however, stories almost write themselves. We’ve written a number of new plots for one of our regular venues, The Gallery in Chard, and recently, to celebrate Bastille Day, they asked us to produce a story based around the BBC sitcom, ‘Allo ‘Allo. To those unfamiliar with the programme, it’s a spoof of any number of French Resistance dramas, most obviously Secret Army, and features a host of idiosyncratic characters and unlikely occurrences which centre around a café which has become the somewhat reluctant hub of defiance against Nazi occupation.

From the hapless, but seemingly sexually irresistible café owner, René via the spy posing as a policeman whose French could be better, through to Gestapo officer, Herr Flick, the characters are sit so well in the comedy murder mystery genre that it becomes relatively straight-forward to use them to inspire a similar story involving hidden contraband, explosions and secret dealings where death could occur at any moment.

It was fun to write and even more fun to perform, as over-the-top accents and acting are de rigeur with such a story.  As ever, with any new story, you see ways of making it better as the night wears on, but the guests loved it and we left with a buzz.


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