Murder Mystery Fun

At Murder to Measure we believe that our mysteries should be fun for all, but also that they should be solvable by those who pay attention and think logically about all that they have seen and heard during their dinner. At the heart of our stories is a logical plot, but even if you’d rather just go with the flow and enjoy some unpredictable hijinks, we want to ensure that the characters and events are fun to interact with.

Often, therefore, the suspects are fairly recognizable stereotypes with plenty of eccentricities and foibles, and even the nastiest sorts are engaging souls who want to show off their character to the general public.  If you want to make the most of an evening in the company of potential murderers, talk to them, probe them and find what makes them tick.  You may intrigue, attract or even annoy  them, but if you find their weak spots or predilections you’ll usually be rewarded with a few juicy tit-bits to help you make sense of the events.

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