Monthly Archives: January 2014

Mystery in Curry Rivel

Murder to Measure has a bit of a soft spot for Curry Rivel. Back in July 2004 we presented our first ever mystery under the name of Murder to Measure, and this was followed in August with a private party in the same venue. Nearly 9 years on we’ve progressed to doing over 100 shows a year, but we were once again called back to our old haunt tonight for another rendition of the ever popular “Allo Goodbye”, based, very loosely, on ideas from a TV show you may have heard of.

The good folk of the village did us proud again, and it was great to see so many familiar faces ready to lap up our own brand of murder and mayhem.  In 2004, we were faced with two rival Indian restaurants, and now we had the Allies at our doorstep and desperate attempts by the Gestapo to defeat their advances.  Thanks to all concerned – ’twas a fun night.