Murder Mystery Hen Parties

Murder to Measure has been dealing death and deception for nearly 10 years now (watch this space for 10th anniversary specials), and in that time we’ve performed at hundreds of private parties, with enthusiastic guests baying for blood and retribution over perceived wrongs.¬† We’ve had bloodbaths at birthdays, assassinations at anniversaries, corporate carnage and slaughters at stags, but above all, it seems that hen parties are the most drawn to the murder mystery vibe.

I’ve lost count of the number of hen parties I’ve attended over the period, but am always amazed at how readily the assembled girls argue, fight and generally make a scene when confronted with a devilish plot dealt our by devious characters.¬† It seems that hens love to let their hair down and discover their inner murderess as much as we love to stoke the fires by bringing deception. death and general¬† disorder to a group of girls who want to bond over a night or weekend of fun and new experiences.

It’s rare for a hen party to consist of a group of people who all know each other at the outset, so finding an activity to break the ice and get everyone bonded can be difficult, but one of our murder mystery dinners can certainly help with this, as guests are encouraged to come out their shells and generally have fun with the story without worrying about how everyone else sees them – when you’re playing a role, you can be whoever you want to be.

Our success in the hen night market means that we have dozens of murder mystery plots for an all female group, but we’re always happy to work with the hen or bridesmaids to develop a story that will fit the occasion to a T.

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