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Murdoch Mysteries returns

Tuesdays at 9pm from 16th February 2010 on Alibi

You would expect Prime Suspect to be interested in new crime drama when it hits the small screen, and he is happy to see that Murdoch Mysteries is returning to Alibi on 16th February 2010. Those fine purveyors of everything mysterious have given him a heads up on the 3rd series of the Victorian crime-busting drama, and he has decided to share the news with you.

Murdoch Mysteries
Exclusive to Alibi
Tuesdays at 9pm from 16th February 2010 on Alibi

Release: 16th February 2010

Alibi channel: Sky 132, Virgin 130


Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) is back on our screens with a thrilling third series of
Murdoch Mysteries, exclusive to Alibi. Set in Victorian Toronto, the series begins with William running for his life through the streets of Bristol, England where he meets a beautiful bar maid Anna Fulford (Lisa Faulkner).

With no idea of where he’s from or why someone is trying to kill him, the season starts with a bang seeing Murdoch unable to even recall his own name.

Season three sees a number of characters returning to assist Murdoch and his colleagues. Terrence Meyers (Peter Keleghan), Ruby Ogden (Sara Gadon) and Nikola Tesla (Dimitry Chepovestsky) will be on hand whilst we explore new relationships, terrible crimes and uncover a new nemesis which will capture the fascination of even the most astute crime solving fan!

Based on the award-winning novels of Maureen Jennings, Murdoch Mysteries uses real historical developments in the field of forensic science interwoven with fictional stories of devilish cunning.

Alibi is the only channel dedicated to crime drama with shows ranging from the cutting edge crime teams of Waking The Dead and Silent Witness to the more traditional investigations of Taggart and classic sleuths like Miss Marple, plus the new and exclusive third series of Murdoch Mysteries.

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Murdoch Mysteries – Tuesdays at 9pm from 16th February on Alibi

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.