Murder mysteries for the Festive Season

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to kill off a couple of friends or colleagues? Below is a partial list of the stories that are particularly aimed at Christmas and New Year parties. Many other plots may be adapted to be suitable for this time of year.

dickensA Christmas Quarrel A local dramatic society is celebrating its latest production of A Christmas Carol, but the dressing room plays host to many petty jealousies.

christmas4Bleak Midwinter The harsh winter weather has forced various characters to abandon their journeys for the night and seek refuge in a local inn. The innkeeper insists there is no room, but a baby is on the way and a Wiseman is bearing gifts - sound familiar? You've never seen the nativity story told like this.

santaSanta's Sleigh At the north pole, Father Christmas' planned move to Greenland does not go down well with the elves. Will "The Big Man" be forced to retire early?

christmas2Stocking Killers Christmas novelty manufacturer Halls hosts a party, despite a sales down-turn. Will someone deck the Halls before the night is out?

christmas3Trouble At Mill As Christmas approaches, Victorian mill owner, Dusty, is struggling to pay the rent. Eviction looms and desperate measures are called for.

scroogeA Christmas Quarrel 2 Ebenezer Scrooge visits a Christmas party with other Dickensian characters and is visited by several spirits with dire consequences.

new_year1Crimes of Big Ben With the new year close, Ben Tethics MP is keen to put past expenses scandals behind him and seeks forgiveness from his wife and constituency.

new-year2First Foot in the Grave New Year's Eve marks a special day for curmudgeonly Victor Mildew, as he plans to celebrate his early retirement from a life of office drudgery. Will it be slaps or stabs in the back at his party?

pantomimePanto-monium Rehearsals for the Christmas pantomime are behind schedule, leading to tensions both on and offstage. Things take a deadly turn for the worse when cries of "It's behind you!" refer to someone with murder on their mind.

christmas-fayreA (Christmas) Fete Worse Than Death At the Christmas Fayre, organised by local do-gooder, Tom Bowler, arguments erupt over who has made the best cake and Reverend Neil Down has his impartiality questioned.