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Tailor-made & off the peg murder mystery dinners
For parties, team-building, hen nights, weekends, Halloween, Christmas &amp more

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From dastardly villains to bumbling oafs & eccentric old aunts, we can play & kill them all

Our actors before dinnerFor public events and other large gatherings in hotels, restaurants and pubs etc, we can call upon a range of experienced performers to act out a devious plot in the midst of your guests. Our actors are used to standing out in a crowd and love to involve all of the diners in their antics; answering questions, revealing their thoughts and emotions and generally providing fun & mystery throughout the night.

Events with our performers usually begin with a drinks reception or similar, with the actors mingling in character as the guests arrive. From philandering vicars to shady mobsters, they will mingle throughout the event, giving guests an insight into their tawdry lives and possible motives for murder.
Guests can question them however they wish, but straight answers may be in short supply when death is on the line.

For large public murder mystery dinners and fund-raising events we usually suggest a ratio of 1 performer per 15-20 people, with a minimum of 3. Sometimes performers are playing multiple characters to ensure that there is enough variety and mystery in even the smallest gathering.

We have a large selection of off-the-peg murder mystery scenarios which from which you can chose, or we can adapt or write a story specifically for you. If your budget won't stretch to hiring many actors, you can supplement our performers with your own volunteers.

We usually provide

  • A scenario typically lasting 3 hours, usually over a meal.
  • Clue sheets and writing materials for all guests.
  • All props (clues, documents, weapons etc) directly associated with the story.
  • Certificates and prizes as appropriate to the scenario.
  • Costumed performers act in the scenario as required.
  • Publicity and artwork