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October is always a popular month for our mysteries, particularly at the end of the month when the dead rise and there are vary strange going-on. Below is a partial list of the stories that are particularly aimed at Halloween parties. Other plots may be adapted to be suitable for the season.

halloween5A Gun in the Coven The village of Devil's Bottom has for many years been the centre of unusual activity. Tonight begins a weekend of celebration leading up to Halloween and the village elders have gathered to discuss plans for the forthcoming year.

spookyAn Inn-Spectre Culls A haunted inn plays host to a group of paranormal investigators. Will the souls of the departed shed light on the strange goings-on and recent deaths?

halloween2Rocky Horror Murder Show It is a dark and story night and a newly-engaged couple break down on a deserted Road. But what is that in the distance? A light! Salvation! Little do they know that they are about to enter a ghoulish party where the eccentric host has both life and death on his mind.

zombieDial Z for Zombie Mad scientific genius Dr Viktor Finkelheim believes he has harnessed the power to create life. This causes consternation at a gathering to demonstrate his achievements and the race for life becomes a dash for death.

witchVoodoo You Think You Are? Investigations into a village archive turn up some dastardly historical facts regarding ancient curses and witchcraft. The past now seems resonate with the present and as the curse rears its ugly head, it's a deathly dash to stop the sinister forces at work.

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