Mummy's the Word

nile-deathpicture The tomb of Egyptian princess Neversaidi is rumoured to be filled with untold treasures and riches and Sir Digby and his financial backers are keen to see a return on their investment.
The local inhabitants, however, are unhappy at the presence of the foreigners, as they believe that disturbing the tomb will unleash an ancient curse. This fear seems to have been borne out by bouts of sickness among the Egyptian labourers, several accidents resulting in major or fatal injuries, and yesterday the death of the expedition's chef, Gordon Blue.
Sir Digby is anxious to allay any fears and get those refusing to work back on his side by hosting a dinner to allay any fears and anxieties, but with tensions running high, his plans seem to be falling apart.
This story is written for a mixed group and features all you would expect from an Egyptian mystery: ancient curses, daring archaeologists, priceless artifacts, camels and sudden death.

For 13 to 13 suspects.

Note that it may be possible to adapt the story to include more or fewer suspects, please contact us to ask if this story could be adapted for your party.

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