sportpicture Tonight’s events occur near to the home ground of the Diamond Villa, Seller's Park.
Villa have a proud history, and have rapidly risen 2 divisions to the Premium League. They play in red and blue and are known as “The Rough Diamonds."
Half way into the season there are rumours of financial trouble, and the club are languishing at the bottom of the table. The Diamond's Fan Club are holding a fund-raising dinner to erect a statue of former winger, “Slim” Jim Groves. Slim holds the club - and indeed the league scoring record of 200 goals in his 8 seasons with the club in the 80s.
This story has been presented at various football and rugby clubs over the years, but could be adapted to most team sports. Note that it may be possible to adapt the story to include more or fewer suspects, please contact us to ask if this story could be adapted for your party.

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