Magical Murdery Tour

60spicture The Chicken Supremes and The Roulettes were two of the biggest bands of the 1960s, and tour promoter Faye Macademy hopes to rocket one of the groups back to stardom with a comeback tour. Unfortunately, animosity between and within the bands makes for a difficult reunion and it isn't clear whether old rivalries can be forgotten in order to make Faye's much-anticipated tour a success. Perhaps things would have been better if the manager Colonel Tom Saunders was still alive, but unfortunately his recent accidental death has cast a long shadow over the proceedings. Can the performers bury the hatchet without further bloodshed?
This murder mystery was originally written to be set in the 1960s, but it has subsequently been adapted for other decades including the 1950s and 1980s and could cover any genre of music from pop to classical. Variants exist for all-female or mixed sex and elements of musical performance can be included if desired. Note that it may be possible to adapt the story to include more or fewer suspects, please contact us to ask if this story could be adapted for your party.

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