cluedopicture Jet Black, the son of the deceased, is on hand to oversee proceedings, but is concerned about his mother, Cherry, who has not been seen for a while and a mysterious stranger, Ebony Knight, who had recently pleaded to see Lord Black. At least his fiancee, Sienna Brown is on hand to see to his best interests.
This story can be set in any time period, although 1920s or 30s are popular. Guests are usually asked to dress in a particular colour to match their character, but this is not essential.
If your guests don't want to do much acting, many elements of this story are also contained in Without a Clue, where guests solve various puzzles to determine whodunnit.

For 8 to 20 suspects.

Note that it may be possible to adapt the story to include more or fewer suspects, please contact us to ask if this story could be adapted for your party.

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