Murder Mysteries for the Public to Attend

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We are happy to provide events that are open to the public and will work closely with you to provide a murder mystery event that will delight and stimulate your guests' little grey cells. We can provide plots and performers to suit any venue, from castles and hotels to restaurants and village halls and will help you promote the event. We usually suggest that public events should host between 30 and 120 guests, but we can work with fewer or more than this in most cases.

Forthcoming Events

We run public events throughout the UK, but are based in Somerset in the south west of England. A list of forthcoming public events is shown to the left, or you can visit the full list of public murder mystery dinners.
We appreciate that you cannot always predict from the outset how many guests you will attract, so remain flexible in the number of suspects that we provide. We usually suggest a ratio of 1 suspect per 15-20 guests, with a minimum of 3 performers. Plots can be provided off-the-shelf or we can adapt or write something specifically for you.

We usually provide the following for public mysteries

  • A scenario typically lasting 3 hours, usually over a meal.
  • Clue sheets and writing materials for all guests.
  • All props (clues, documents, weapons etc) directly associated with the story.
  • Certificates and prizes as appropriate to the scenario.
  • Costumed performers act in the scenario as required.
  • Publicity and artwork

Where We Travel

We are based in the south west & often visit

We will travel further afield, please see our mystery location page for details.

Get in touch!

If you need to speak to someone, please call us on (01460) 241915

Living in the sticks, our mobile signal can be patchy, but you can try 07747 633 238 or use semaphore

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