Plots involving your guests as suspects

Below is a partial list of the stories that have variants that can be performed by your guests, usually under the guidance of one or more of our MCs/detectives. Typically such stories are based around a meal and would have between 8 and 20 roles, with up to around 12 prime suspects, although additional characters can be included in many of them.
Note that many of our performed plots also have variants that can involve your guests as suspect.

1920sMurdered By The Mob Set during the prohibition in Chicago, the murder of a notorious gangster leads to further tension and accusations.

traditionalD'Eath of Thyme Ernest D'Eath's plans to open his estate go awry when a body is discovered. Australian forensic archaeologist, Digger Bones, is on hand to investigate.

fashionThe Corpse Wore Prada There are cat-fights on the cat walk when a top fashion competitions comes to town and rival models and designers slug it out for the prize.

cluedoHuedunnit Lord Matthew, "Matt", Black has been found murdered in his stately home. Unfortunately the fastidious cleaning by housekeeper Mrs White has made it very difficult to determine the means or location of his death. Can the colourful collection of characters assembled to mark his passing crack the case before anyone else falls victim to the curse of the estate.

hotelBreakdown Hotel The hotel guests & staff are all seemingly unrelated, but a phone call leads to a trail of deception, double-dealing and death.

james_bondLicence Tequila Following a bungled operation in Mexico, top British spies attempt to train their foreign counterparts in the noble art of spying.

60sMagical Murdery Tour A reunion of two 1960s pop bands is planned, but it soon becomes apparent that it was more than creative differences that drove the bands apart.

aliceMalice in Wonderland The knave of hearts is being tried for stealing some tarts, but the trial is hindered by the suspicious death of a key witness. The crazy characters of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland attempt to find out the identity of the killer in this locked room mystery.

hen-partySchool Ties Ellen Highwater, the fiancée of footballing sensation Arthur Back has arranged a hen weekend with her old school colleagues at St Susanna's boarding school. She has not seen many of them for 10 years, and their changes in lifestyles are definitely cause for discussion.
Headmistress Jane Brady is glad to welcome the old girls back, but she is not the only one with secrets to hide...

wedding-bellesWedding Belles After his father's death Hugo Gloster, remains a single man, but his father's will states that in order to realize his full inheritance, he must marry a suitable bride. Will he meet the girl of his dreams at tonight's dinner party, or will jealous siblings thwart his plans?

scroogeA Christmas Quarrel 2 Ebenezer Scrooge visits a Christmas party with other Dickensian characters and is visited by several spirits with dire consequences.

1960sBad Beehive-iour In 1960s Baltimore, a school prom may lead to TV stardom for the best dancer. With such high stakes, jealousies are intense.

chocolateDeath By Chocolate Traditional chocolate manufacturers, Thornbury's, are facing a scandal and problems in the boardroom. Will the MD, Sir Clive, hold on to the family firm?

theatreFinal Curtain The set of a West End show is almost the scene of disaster. Who is behind the attempted murder of the leading lady, and will they succeed?

vintage_carMass-a-Car In the closing stages of a Land's End to John O'Groats vintage car rally the competitors will try anything to win the race. Just who will find his big end gone?

nile-deathMummy's the Word It is 1910 and the celebrated archaeologist, Sir Digby Hand, is leading an expedition up the Nile to explore a recently discovered ancient tomb. The legends of a curse are strengthened by a number of accidents, or is something less supernatural responsible? Will our intrepid heroes escape the curse and realize their wildest dreams?

sportOffside! It's been a disappointing season for the local football team and tensions come to the fore when the fan club decides to honour the club's former star striker.

longleatRed In Tooth and Claw Tempers get frayed when a landowner decides to open an animal park in his grounds. How will animal expert Claude Body and his pet cat Tiddles affect local opinion?

nurseThe Blood Donor Do-gooder Benny Factor wants to donate a proportion of his fortune to a local medical charity - but does he have more sinister motives on his mind?

1980sWham Bam The drinks are free at Club Tropicana, but the arrival of a famous band puts owner Steve Odds all in a tizzy. All that's missing is the sea!

lotteryWho Wants to Die a Millionaire? Lottery winner Rich Barsteward is holding a party to celebrate his winnings, but with everyone out for a share his past comes back to haunt him.

feteA Fete Worse Than Death At the annual church fete, organised by local do-gooder, Tom Bowler, arguments erupt over who has made the best strawberry jam and Reverend Neil Down has his impartiality questioned.

WWIIDie For Victory In 1942 the surprise return of Oliver 'Odd' Binns from his top secret job causes consternation on the home front and trouble at the PoW camp.

superheroHolding Out For A Hero The death of Captain Courage on a remote island brings many superheroes together, only to fall into a deadly trap. Who now can save the world?

psychiatryMind Over Murder A renowned psychoanalyst is hosting a lecture and has invited one of his great success stories, Edie Puss. His claims are controversial, and more than one person may have murder in mind

elizabethanTudor Manor Died During the reign of Elizabeth I, Sir Jekyll Spirit offers patronage to a young explorer and marks her imminent sailing to the New World with a specially commissioned play. In a period of political intrigue, religious tensions and international conflicts, not everyone agrees with Sir Jekyll's motives.

golfWho Killed Cocky Robin? Robin Driver, golf professional is found dead in a bunker on the 13th hole. Who was sufficiently teed off with him to commit murder?

1950sErase From the World The 1950s High School Prom is a scene of tension between the Pink Ladies, the Jocks and the new kid in town. The teachers don't stand a chance