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Murder mysteries inspired by TV, films & books

Some of our themes take their inspiration from other well known stories, but add a delicious slice of murder into the equation. Some of these stories are shown below.

james_bondYou Only Die Once Trainee spies investigate the death of a top agent on a mission against STENCH. Can Premium Bond and gardener-turned-gadget expert, Kew, save the day?

james_bondLicence Tequila Following a bungled operation in Mexico, top British spies attempt to train their foreign counterparts in the noble art of spying.

fools-horsesOnly Fools and Hearses At the reception following the funeral of a close family member, Eric Plotter and his brother, a couple of cockney "independent traders" make a discovery that surprises them greatly. Not all is cushti in the world of small time hustles, however, but then again, "He who dares wins!"

gooniesThe Zoomies: Curse of Red Eye's Ruby Twenty years ago, a gang of teenagers discovered a cache of pirate treasure, but were unable to make use of it. Many of the group still obsesss about their lost fortune, and when one of them disappears on the hunt for a fabled Ruby, they head out to relive their youthful adventures.

priestsFather Ded Three incompetent priests and their loyal, if somewhat scatty housekeeper live on an isolated Irish island. Can they survive visits from a revengeful milkman, Italian nuns and a lecherous priest to secure victory in a European song contest? That would be an ecumenical matter...

aliceMalice in Wonderland The knave of hearts is being tried for stealing some tarts, but the trial is hindered by the suspicious death of a key witness. The crazy characters of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland attempt to find out the identity of the killer in this locked room mystery.

templeAriana Bones and the Temple of Zoom Intrepid explorer, Ariana Bones is on a daring mission to locate her famous archaeologist father. Deep in the jungle, she encounters more than she bargained for.

midsomerMidsummer Murder DCI Tim Bargery has had a bad month. In an attempt to solve a crime that troubles him greatly, he visits a local party to question possible suspects.

halloween2Rocky Horror Murder Show It is a dark and story night and a newly-engaged couple break down on a deserted Road. But what is that in the distance? A light! Salvation! Little do they know that they are about to enter a ghoulish party where the eccentric host has both life and death on his mind.

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