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Murder mysteries for children and teenagers

child murder mysteryMost of our events are suitable for younger audiences, but we also specialise in providing mysteries aimed at children; these scenarios avoid some more mature themes such as drug abuse or sexual issues.
For a murder mystery party for kids under 12 we would suggest that the party should revolve around the solving of clues, finding of treasures, completion of tasks etc. to solve a mystery. These tasks could encompass games, craft activities, completing obstacle courses etc. and would always be made suitable for the age range concerned.

Murder mysteries for teens

We also produce scenarios aimed specifically teenagers: these work particularly well when the teens take on the roles themselves. We appreciate that teenagers' interests vary widely between age-groups and sexes. As with all our events, we remain flexible with our formats, but often with a teenage birthday party or similar, the event is not based around a formal meal. The structure may be provided by other events, for example:

  • Various party activities, such as a dance competition, karaoke, buffet or a talent show can form the framework of the event.
  • The event can be broken up with questioning of suspects, hunting for clues or maybe some forensic type investigation.
  • The event can be combined with a visit to a place of interest - again you know your group best to suggest where their passions lie.

It's also perfectly possible to produce one of our adult party murders to be suitable for a younger audience - although most of them would already be suitable for teenagers if they are happy to play adult roles.

Murder To Measure would typically provide one person to run a children's party. They would establish the story and guide guests through the challenges to be completed in order to solve the mystery, find the treasure or unmask the villain.

Usually each guest receives a certificate, mugshot and a set of fingerprints and of course there is special attention paid to the birthday boy or girl where appropriate.