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Corporate Entertainment and Team-Building

man and gunFor corporate groups we can provide events focused upon entertainment or provide team-building activities based around a murder mystery team building event. You can have a mystery where we provide the suspects or you can play roles within a performance or clue-based mystery.
A murder mystery dinner can be an excellent way to break the ice at a team building event and a chance for participants to relax and enjoy each other's company in a spirit of friendly competition. Whether you chose to have the team directly involved in the scenario, or whether they take an observer's role, there will be plenty to talk about in the days to follow.

Our events are always designed to be entertaining, and hundreds of guests have returned home with a smile on their faces. Hosting a murder mystery dinner is an ideal way to reward good team work, and sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than stabbing your boss! If you have a particular team problem that you would like to solve then an evening or a day spent with our team could provide just the break-through you need.

murder victimNot everyone finds role-playing easy. Our scenarios are always designed to be fun and not humiliating for the participants, but we like to foster a friendly, competitive spirit and encourage participation from everyone involved. Our MCs are experts at coaxing stunning performances out of the most unlikely individuals, and this can greatly strengthen self-confidence.

We usually provide

  • A scenario typically lasting 3 hours, often over a meal,
  • Character profiles and badges for all suspects,
  • Cue cards to be followed during the event,
  • An MC/detective to act and control the party,
  • Writing materials for all guests,
  • All props (clues, documents, weapons etc) directly associated with the story,
  • Certificates and prizes as appropriate to the scenario,
  • We can help with finding venues, additional props and costumes as required.