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Murder Mystery Scenarios

We have dozens of plots which we can use or adapt to your needs. The pages below show a selection of these, and in most cases we are able to adapt existing stories to include fewer or more suspects. It is often also possible to change the location or historical setting of many of the scenarios. If you can't find the theme you're looking for, please do contact us for more information.

  Performed plots

Stories with 3-8 roles, usually performed by Murder to Measure performers.

  Plots for hen parties

Mysteries with typically 8-20 female roles, often with a male MC role.

  Games to download

We have a selection of murder mysteries for immediate download.

  Plots for Halloween

Mysterious plots suitable for Halloween parties. Ghosts, ghouls & other spooks.

  Plots for teenagers

Mysteries with themes particularly suitable for young adults.

  Plots for schools

Murder mysteries for schools, colleges and youth groups, usually with clue-solving.

  Worldwide plots

Mysteries set throughout the world; France, Mexico, the USA etc.

  Plots for large groups

Mysteries with typically 6-20 roles, usually performed by the party guests.

  Plots for kids' parties

Plots for younger guests, usually clue-based, with some performance.

  Plots for Christmas

Murder plots for the Christmas season. Santas, pantos and family fun.

  Plots for corporate groups

Clue-solving and team- building scenarios suitable for business events.

  Historical plots

Stories set in the past: mediaeval, Victorian, 1920s, 1960s, 1980s etc.

  TV & film plots

Stories based on film, TV and theatre stories, from reality TV to stage musicals.