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Book your own private mystery evening

If you are planning an event that is not open to the public we are happy to produce or adapt an appropriate scenario, either for our performers or for you to perform.

With a private murder mystery we usually know more about the guests that will attend and can be more specific when writing the story to suit them. We discuss your requirements carefully with you and, particularly if some of the guests are playing suspects, write characters and events that match their interests and characteristics.

profilesIf your guests are playing roles we take information about them and assign characters to suit. We provide each suspect with a character profile and a set of cue cards which give instructions on how to act throughout the mystery. You can download a sample character profile here.

Although you may chose to run the murder yourself, we often provide an MC/detective for the evening who briefs the suspects, introduces the scenario, controls action throughout and reveals the solution at the end.

Whether you are looking for dinner or overnight accommodation, we can help you find a suitable venue and can assist with costumes, props and set-dressing as required.

We usually provide

  • A scenario typically lasting 3 hours, often over a meal,
  • Character profiles and badges for all suspects,
  • Cue cards to be followed during the event,
  • An MC/detective to act and control the party,
  • Writing materials for all guests,
  • All props (clues, documents, weapons etc) directly associated with the story,
  • Certificates and prizes as appropriate to the scenario,
  • We can help with finding venues, additional props and costumes as required.