Murder mystery venues and food

When arranging a private party, we do not force you to use a particular venue. You can find out more about selecting a venue on our venues page or we can help you find a venue to suit your budget.
Whilst it is not essential eat at a murder mystery event, many of our events are based over a meal. Many venues can provide catering, either as a formal meal or a buffet.
Meal costs will vary from venue to venue, but you should budget at around £20 - £40 per head for a 3-course meal and around £10 - £20 for a buffet.

Private Caterers

If your chosen venue does not have catering, we can suggest or supply caterers for you. Costs will be broadly similar to those for venues, but some of our caterers have waitresses etc who can double as performers, which can reduce the overall cost of the event. We have a page dedicated to private caterers here.

Costumes and Props

When we provide performers, we ensure that they dress according to the theme and their character. The cost of these costumes will be included in the price we quote. If you or your guests wish to dress up, you can find out more about costume options on our costume page.
We also supply all props directly associated with performing the mystery: this could include clues such as wills and other "legal" documents, maps, weapons etc. You may wish for us to help with decorating the venue or with guest props or table decorations, and you can find out more about these options on the props page.

Special Effects Make Up

As a murder mystery company, we are used to using a variety of special effects techniques to make realistic-looking wounds and the like - although we don't want to mess up the fittings and furniture of private venues, so sometimes have to be a little more restrained than we would like! We can teach some of these techniques if required, and this makes for a good workshop activity for older children and adults alike. If this interests you, please see our make-up page.