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Clue-based murder mysteries

crime scene

Investigate the crime scene for clues!

We also produce mystery events where solving the crime requires the guests to crack a series of clues and puzzles. This type of investigation can be part of a larger event or it can be a stand-alone activity. We can adapt the activities to any age-group from about 5 upwards, and provide both fun activities or more serious scientific investigations as desired by the guests.

There are many types of activity we can include, for example:

  • Fingerprinting, lifting and analysis
  • Hunts for and investigation of weapons,
  • Codes-breaking, logic problems and puzzles
  • Writing and ink analysis
  • Photo-fit and identification
  • Suspect interrogation
  • Casting footprints, tyres, dental impressions
  • Physical activity problems

We can solve these sort of murders in a large hall, or use venues with several rooms, such as hotels, private homes or schools.
The event can usually be facilitated by a single performer and can last an evening, half a day or a whole day. If desired, guests can play suspects as part of the interrogation, or we can add additional performers for the duration of the event.

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