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With smaller groups, or those on a limited budget, we often produce scenarios that can be acted out by the party guests. This type of event can usually be facilitated by a single Murder to Measure performer who acts a key role, coordinates the event and turns detective when the blood starts flowing. Stories are adapted to the characters and interests of the guests and can include elements of clue-solving if required.

Do-it-yourself murder events are particularly suitable for groups of friends or colleagues, for example at:

We usually ask for around 8 to 12 volunteers to play suspects, although with larger groups it is possible to give everyone a character if desired.
We love the challenge of adapting or creating stories that match the characteristics and interests of the guests and our MCs ensure that everybody enjoys the experience and that the story remains on track throughout the carnage and chaos. If you have fewer guests willing to play roles, you can always add more of our murder mystery performers to the event.

Once we have some information about them, role-playing guests are given a character profile and a set of cue cards which they follow throughout the evening. Generally we do not tell the suspects that they are the murderer, and until they read the appropriate card, they will not know that they are going to die.
Guests should not worry if they are asked to drop dead before the meal has finished, as we have various ways of ensuring that they can continue playing along and finish their meal.

We usually provide

  • A scenario typically lasting 3 hours, often over a meal,
  • Character profiles and badges for all suspects,
  • Cue cards to be followed during the event,
  • An MC/detective to act and control the party,
  • Writing materials for all guests,
  • All props (clues, documents, weapons etc) directly associated with the story,
  • Certificates and prizes as appropriate to the scenario,
  • We can help with finding venues, additional props and costumes as required.

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