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Prior to the event

Murder to Measure contacts the event organiser, and we agree on aspects of the scenario, including:

  • Date, time, duration and venue,
  • A suitable theme and format for the event,
  • Whether the organising group wishes to provide performers,
  • Final price.

If the organiser is providing performers

We ask for an indication on the performers' character and interests and the scenario will be based on those discussions. The volunteers are then assigned characters and given a few paragraphs about their role, although secret information is retained until the event. Note that generally volunteer performers do not know who the victim(s) will be, or who the murderer is, so they can join in with the detection work.

On the day of the event

  • The MC arrives at the venue and sets up the scenario.
  • Performers arrive, and are re-briefed on their characters etc.
  • Guests arrive and mingle, perhaps over aperitifs
  • Performers introduce themselves in character and initial suspicions are established
  • The meal commences.
  • Key events and revelations occur between courses, with guest performers following instructions on a set of cue cards.
  • At some point there will be a death or deaths.
  • As coffee is served, the detective will question the suspects to draw out motives, alibis etc.
  • Guests are invited to deduce the murderer(s) and motive.
  • The guilty party is revealed and prizes are awarded.
  • We all take a bow, and the scenario ends.
  • Everyone is amazed and very talkative. Performers remain on hand and chat with the guests.

Of course, as your event is tailor-made, your running order may differ from this, so this is provided for guidance only. If you have any special requests we will always try to accommodate them.