Murder to Measure Plots with Our Performers

Below is a partial list of the stories that have variants that can be performed by 3-8 of our actors, usually over a meal, with 30 to around 120 guests. Note that many of these stories or themes have variants that can involve your guests as suspects.


A Valentine's Day Mascara

Set in 1920's Chicago, a night of gangsters and other shady characters investigating the murder of Al Kaseltzer at his speakeasy, the Rumbling Tum.


Breakdown Hotel

The hotel guests & staff are all seemingly unrelated, but a phone call leads to a trail of deception, double-dealing and death.


D'Eath of Thyme

Ernest D'Eath's plans to open his estate go awry when a body is discovered. Australian forensic archaeologist, Digger Bones, is on hand to investigate.


Death on the Ocean Wave

On a luxury cruiser bound for the Caribbean, the ship's captain invites passengers to dine with him and a famous actress. The trip is not going well, however, and looks set to end in disaster.


Muerte Espana

A dodgy Spanish resort plays host to a gang of shady characters. With hidden treasure on their minds it seems like not everyone will top up their tan.


The Good the Bad and the Murdered

In the Old West, men are real men and women are real women, but when they mix, the result can be jealousy, crime and death by high noon.


You Only Die Once

Trainee spies investigate the death of a top agent on a mission against STENCH. Can Premium Bond and gardener-turned-gadget expert, Kew, save the day?


A Fete Worse Than Death

At the annual church fete, organised by local do-gooder, Tom Bowler, arguments erupt over who has made the best strawberry jam and Reverend Neil Down has his impartiality questioned.


Death By Chocolate

Traditional chocolate manufacturers, Thornbury's, are facing a scandal and problems in the boardroom. Will the MD, Sir Clive, hold on to the family firm?


Haywire Hotel

Service at a rundown 1970s hotel is not up to much, but would one of the eccentric guests or staff resort to murder? Just don't mention the war!



In the closing stages of a Land's End to John O'Groats vintage car rally the competitors will try anything to win the race. Just who will find his big end gone?


Midsummer Murder

DCI Tim Bargery has had a bad month. In an attempt to solve a crime that troubles him greatly, he visits a local party to question possible suspects.


Carrion Doctor

A doctor's surgery is holding a dinner for staff, but not everyone has the best wishes of the patients at heart. Will Dr Dicky Ticker survive the night?


Only Fools and Hearses

At the reception following the funeral of a close family member, Eric Plotter and his brother, a couple of cockney "independent traders" make a discovery that surprises them greatly. Not all is cushti in the world of small time hustles, however, but then again, "He who dares wins!"


Allo Goodbye

It is 1944 and in a sleepy French village the residents are celebrating the impending arrival of the Allies to liberate them from Nazi oppression. The resistance is trying to help the invasion, but a local café owner just wants a peaceful life and could do without the demands from the resistance - and his wife.


Third Degree Burns

It is a night to celebrate the life and works of Rabbie Burns and all things Scottish. Let's pipe in the haggis and as we pile on the neeps and tatties, the pile of corpses grows.


A Gun in the Coven

The village of Devil's Bottom has for many years been the centre of unusual activity. Tonight begins a weekend of celebration leading up to Halloween and the village elders have gathered to discuss plans for the forthcoming year.


Father Ded

Three incompetent priests and their loyal, if somewhat scatty housekeeper live on an isolated Irish island. Can they survive visits from a revengeful milkman, Italian nuns and a lecherous priest to secure victory in a European song contest? That would be an ecumenical matter...


A Midsummer Nightmare

Touring theatre company, Pintsize Productions, are planning to perform a Shakespearean classic in various venues throughout the UK. However, following the departure of key players and a fractious rehearsal tensions within the group could have deadly consequences.


An Inn-Spectre Culls

A haunted inn plays host to a group of paranormal investigators. Will the souls of the departed shed light on the strange goings-on and recent deaths?


Rocky Horror Murder Show

It is a dark and story night and a newly-engaged couple break down on a deserted Road. But what is that in the distance? A light! Salvation! Little do they know that they are about to enter a ghoulish party where the eccentric host has both life and death on his mind.


Die For Victory

In 1942 the surprise return of Oliver 'Odd' Binns from his top secret job causes consternation on the home front and trouble at the PoW camp.



It's been a disappointing season for the local football team and tensions come to the fore when the fan club decides to honour the club's former star striker.


A Christmas Quarrel

A local dramatic society is celebrating its latest production of A Christmas Carol, but the dressing room plays host to many petty jealousies.


Died on the Fourth of July

American sweetheart, Mrs Caroline New-England has suffered an unhappy marriage to her English husband and plans to host a tea party on 4th July to celebrate her decision to end the relationship. Not everyone is happy with her declaration of independence, however, and there's bound to be fireworks!


First Foot in the Grave

New Year's Eve marks a special day for curmudgeonly Victor Mildew, as he plans to celebrate his early retirement from a life of office drudgery. Will it be slaps or stabs in the back at his party?


Magical Murdery Tour

A reunion of two 1960s pop bands is planned, but it soon becomes apparent that it was more than creative differences that drove the bands apart.


Santa's Sleigh

At the north pole, Father Christmas' planned move to Greenland does not go down well with the elves. Will "The Big Man" be forced to retire early?


Stocking Killers

Christmas novelty manufacturer Halls hosts a party, despite a sales down-turn. Will someone deck the Halls before the night is out?


The Porridge Redemption

A local hotel has recently received some unusual guests whose identities seem somewhat suspect. Could their presence be connected to a break-out at a local prison, and what further crimes will be perpetrated this evening?


Trouble At Mill

As Christmas approaches, Victorian mill owner, Dusty, is struggling to pay the rent. Eviction looms and desperate measures are called for.


Crimes of Big Ben

With the new year close, Ben Tethics MP is keen to put past expenses scandals behind him and seeks forgiveness from his wife and constituency.


Dial Z for Zombie

Mad scientific genius Dr Viktor Finkelheim believes he has harnessed the power to create life. This causes consternation at a gathering to demonstrate his achievements and the race for life becomes a dash for death.



Rehearsals for the Christmas pantomime are behind schedule, leading to tensions both on and offstage. Things take a deadly turn for the worse when cries of "It's behind you!" refer to someone with murder on their mind.


Voodoo You Think You Are?

Investigations into a village archive turn up some dastardly historical facts regarding ancient curses and witchcraft. The past now seems resonate with the present and as the curse rears its ugly head, it's a deathly dash to stop the sinister forces at work.

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