First Foot in the Grave

new-year2picture Victor Mildew has worked as a “nose” at Bell's Smells perfume factory for 30 years, but recent developments at the company have persuaded him to take early retirement.His final engagement with the company is the annual New Year's Eve party, hosted by MD Beau Bell and his wife, Jessie. He and his wife, Dusti Mildew, are hoping to see the year out with a bang, but don't bargain for the pranks of self-appointed office wag, Harvey Quinn.
Bell's smells was founded by loveable Cockney rogue, Beau Bell just over 30 years ago, and he relied upon Victor to determine which perfumes would work best on the British public. Initially it flourished, but over the last decade or so, the brand has waned in the face of stiff competition from the French and the Far East. Harvey Quinn was brought into the company 6 months ago to oversee these changes, and Victor was appalled by this change and the introduction of computerised processes.
Beau has always been a bit of a womanizer, and although he has been married twice before to Helen (Hels) and Dora, he has always been rumoured to have had multiple affairs etc. His latest wife of just over a year, Jessie, is universally disliked, and seems to be even more fixated upon office conquests than her husband.

For 3 to 3 suspects.

Note that it may be possible to adapt the story to include more or fewer suspects, please contact us to ask if this story could be adapted for your party.

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